My name is Seona Craig. I am the Founder of YOU Unlimited and the self-appointed Leader of the CareerPreneur revolution.


I have a love of breaking ‘boxes’. (I don’t like boxes, they aren’t human shaped). I bring a fresh, innovative, new age and business savvy perspective to the recruitment and career space. I am building a team and am empire, who are passionate about ‘awesomising’ our clients and challenging the way things have always been done.


We focus on building and aligning personal brands with employer brands, and am hell bent on changing the way recruitment is done. We want people to stand up and know their power, their value and what they bring to employers. We want you to know where you are going and how you are going to get there…..and we want to show you how to do it.


Our reputation for excellence and our clients success has seen YOU Unlimited grow from strength to strength – word of mouth is our biggest marketing strategy. We have worked with celebrities, sports stars, CEO’s and people of all industries, at all levels. No matter what you do, the YU ‘awesomising’ process is the same.

Personally, I have over 15 years experience in the corporate environment, where I worked, trained and managed in senior recruitment consulting roles, strategic HR and business consulting in both private and public sectors.  I climbed up the ladder fast. I know the recruitment and career industry, I know the tricks, I know what works, how to say it and how to deliver it…so we can open bigger, better doors for you.


I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology, majoring in Business.


I am smart. I work hard. I love learning. I am intuitive. I am analytical and strategic. I am a recovering perfectionist. I laugh a lot. I keep it real. I surprise myself every day. I love life.


Put it all together and you have ME! Do I have YOU?

If so, let’s combine our awesomeness and make those goals happen…..



The YOU Unlimited Team…


Jason Mash – Director of Communications and Development

Jason is responsible for communicating with clients and developing our empire, by connecting and building relationships with businesses, schools and industry partners, so that we can lead a revolution.


Want to be part of the revolutionary empire we are building – contact Seona and tell her – WHY YOU?

YOU Unlimited resume writing, professional resumes, personal branding and career coaching Brisbane.

The recruitment game and labour market is changing. fast! By 2020, it is expected that 40% of the workforce will be contingent (or contracting). Career Management should be viewed like small business management. Businesses needs to understand the new trends of career management.


YOU Unlimited helped hundreds of clients to reach their goals, secure their dream jobs and better their businesses. We break boxes and bring a fresh, much needed perspective to the HR and recruitment space. Lets put the ‘human’ back in HR. It’s 2016, not 1995.


We work on two levels:


1. Individuals – We are your personal marketing department. We identify goals, your strategy, your audience, develop your marketing (resumes, linked in etc) and present you to market in a way which ensures you cannot be ignored. We empower you to take control of your career instead of it being in charge of you.


2. Businesses – we offer a range of business consulting and HR services, including building your employer brand (so you can attract this new generation of empowered skilled careerpreneurs); support staff through redundancy; personal branding workshops for staff (their brands sell your brand), recruitment consulting, assisting RTO’s to achieve higher job placement rates and working with recruitment agencies to help your candidates impress your clients.


No matter what you do, we will increase your branding and your market perception to unlock more opportunities.


YOU ARE UNLIMITED. You can be more, achieve more, make more, influence more, attract more of what you want.


We are fun, smart, innovative, intuitive and full of integrity and personality. We love what we do! Do you?


YOU Unlimited’s ValYOU’s

  • Innovation
  • Individualism
  • Intelligence
  • Intuition


YOU Unlimited’s mission:


“To challenge the way ‘things have always been done’. We are here to innovate, market and differentiate YOU.”


Partner with us today and change your reality and your results.