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In the future of work….you will either be an entrepreneur or a CareerPreneur (someone who manages their career like a small business, embraces philosophies of entrepreneurs) and rocke-ets on wards. Just like an entrepreneur launches a business….a CareerPreneur launches themselves (as a service, product and solution). This is a revolution and this is what is UP!


YOU Unlimited has created a series of online programs to build a new generation of CareerPreneurs. We are passionate about helping Gen Z to launch into the world with the right mindset, knowledge, attitude and strategies. THIS IS THE CAREERpreneur revolution. Welcome.



6 week Empowering Online Career Readiness Program for Year 10 – 12 students


The future of work is changing. We have never lived in a time where marketing yourself is such a critical life skill. CareerPreneurs prepares you for the new reality, where you will be ‘managing your career like a small business of one’. Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to elevate career success starts now. Be the best you can be!


Gen Z will have an average of 15 jobs by age 39

Permanent work will be a rarity rather than a norm, with 40% of the workforce contracting by 2020.

50% of the jobs you will be doing have not been invented yet!

A modern resume looks very different to the ‘traditional versions’ and is all about your personal brand

90% of bosses now google you before hiring. Your digital footprint will be part of the recruitment process.

YOUth unemployment is at an all time high, with high competition for jobs, it’s important to stand out.


The CAREERpreneurs program, for Gen Z (Year 10-12 students) is developed specifically for teens. Bright, bold, fun ROCKET FUEL to get you motivated, educated and empowered to succeed in your career. Videos, presentations, case studies, audios, e-books, workbooks, online activities, and more.

Some of what we will cover…..


Week 1 – The Future of Work and rise of the ‘’CareerPreneur’

o   The changing world of work – how it will affect you.

o   What is a CareerPreneur? – what does it mean for you…and how does it help you ‘launch’


Week 2 – All about YOU – empowering self discovery

o   Understanding your YOUnique Identity and what makes you, YOU.

o   Personal Branding Introduction – you already have a brand


Week 3 – Conscious Career Choices – they start now

o   Long term career planning – heart vs head decisions

o   Short term career readiness strategies – embrace all opportunity to grow


Week 4 – YOU, social media and employability

o   Managing your digital footprint and privacy online

o   How to use social media to create your personal brand and engage with employers


Week 5 – The art of Marketing YOU – the strategies which will help you succeed faster and quicker

o   How to develop a modern resume – the 2016 version, not the 1995 version!

o   resYOUme and cover letter templates for you to download and use – step by step tutorial


Week 6 -Interview Coaching – master the interview and sell yourself

o   Interview coaching – all the strategies and resources you need to prepare for any interview situation



o   Mindset, confidence, power of positive thinking, and more empowering audios sent

o   Be part of the exclusive Gen Z CareerPreneur community, with direct access to Seona Craig

o   Parent resources –  Changing the conversation, opening up communication and more




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