Do you remember these 3D posters from the 1990’s? They reveal the power of perspective

10 Mar Do you remember these 3D posters from the 1990’s? They reveal the power of perspective

I remember staring at these optical illusion posters in shop windows….and not being able to see the 3D image that everyone was talking about. I remember being determined to see the elusive images that were right in front of me….waiting to be revealed…if I could only unlock the “trick”. Everyone who could see it felt superior, or maybe that’s how I perceived it. I spent a lot of time focusing on these damn images in shop windows, waiting for the secret picture to pop out at me. It was frustrating. (There were no smart phones then….you couldn’t google how to do it… was old fashioned perseverance and trial and error). Now, a quick Wikipedia search reveals the science…..

In order to perceive 3D shapes in autostereograms (like the one in this picture), one must overcome the normally automatic coordination between accommodation (focus) and horizontal vergence (angle of one’s eyes). The illusion is one of depth perception and involves stereopsis: depth perception arising from the different perspective each eye has of a three-dimensional scene, called binocular parallax.

We are programmed to see things a certain way.

I was determined to see things! One day… happened… was beautiful…..there were dolphins jumping through waves and it was amazing….then I lost my concentration in the excitement….and it was gone. I didn’t really know what I did to see it. So I started again, and it came quicker. I focused, went cross eyed and then refocused on the elements that looked closer. The picture came to life again. I was fascinated with these stereograms….and in awe of the way I could use my brain to see things that didn’t exist before.

I was now one of the ‘superior see-rs’ and obsessed with those ‘Magic Eye’ books with images like these.

As I was remembering this yesterday….it made me think…..

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details, that we lose sight of something right in front of us. We need to change our perspective…..the way we are looking at things. In the same way that we need to change the way we overcome our automated visionary perception, we also need to change the way we look at our careers and our purpose.

I have helped hundreds of clients to unlock their purpose and ‘vision’ by looking at things differently. If you are like most of them….

  • You are probably looking at your career in a practical sense (the automatic way).
  • You see the patterns and the realistic elements that exist to the naked eye.
  • You know there is more there…..but you just can’t see it.
  • You don’t know what you are meant to be looking for.
  • You don’t know how to see it.
  • You are not sure if you ever will see it.
  • You are scared of what you might see…..and if you even want to see it.

So you stop looking.

  • You don’t try.
  • You accept that you are not ever going to see it….or find it.

Don’t stop trying. The ‘magic eye’ is within you. I want to help you unlock your sight and help you to identify your purpose. Think of your career like one of these pictures.

Take a step back and evaluate your ‘career story’ so far. What you have done? What you are good at? How did you end up where you are now? What have you contributed to? What have you achieved? What made you want to do it? What are you passionate about?

What is your purpose?

Why can’t you see it when you know it is there? Your not looking at it right. Here is what Wikipedia says about how to see the optical illusions…..

There are two ways an stereogram can be viewed: wall-eyed and cross-eyed. 

1.      Wall-eyed viewing requires that the two eyes adopt a relatively parallel angle,

2.      Cross-eyed viewing requires a relatively convergent angle.

An image designed for wall-eyed viewing, if viewed correctly, will appear to pop out of the background, while if viewed cross-eyed it will instead appear as a cut-out behind the background and may be difficult to bring entirely into focus.

So, there are two different approaches to unlocking your ‘sight’, with slightly different results.

To gain insight into your career path and purpose, take a similar approach…..except, use these two approaches:. Look at your career through the ‘lens’ of:

1.      Your head – rational thoughts and consideration based on facts and evidence

2.      Your heart – emotional connection to feelings tied to intuition and knowingness

A career viewed from the perspective of rational thought often leads to decisions and motivations which are linked to practical and uninspired choices.

A career viewed from the inner wisdom of the heart, results in feelings which put us in touch with options which inspire, motivate and light us up inside.

It is my deep belief and first hand experience, that people who make decisions from their head only….are less successful than the ones who are led by their heart.

See what difference these two approaches result in, when looking at your career.

Think with your head…….

  • Can I get that job?
  • How much does it pay
  • What career advancement options are there
  • Where is it located
  • How much does it pay again?

Feel with your heart…(this time…..don’t think about money at all…..lets trust that if we live on purpose, the money will find you). Take yourself out of your head and ‘dip down’ into your heart space. Ask the wisdom within you….

  • What can’t I stop thinking about?
  •  What is my passion?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What do I love?
  • If I could get any job, or run any business I wanted, what would I be doing?

Your heart doesn’t create illusions…..your head does.

It became clear to me yesterday when I was remembering these 3D posters, that this is what I do with, and for, my clients. I interview them…..I ask a lot of questions…..I make them think……I make them feel……and I paint a “picture” of what I see back to them…..and ask them what they see. We identify options (‘possible selves’) using our heads …..and then we make a plan to become the ‘purposeful self’….by allowing the heart to be the ‘GPS’ on the journey.

My motto:


Want to become superior ‘career seer’? Let’s complete your transformation. I will help you unlock your purpose and see that elusive future hidden within. You have to be willing to look at things differently. You have to believe you are destined for more. This is a journey we go on together. You must not lose focus. YOU are UNLIMITED.

I see you!!

Rock on and keep being awesome.

Seona Craig – YOU Unlimited


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