Get your stats on! Does your resume activate the Bullsh*t alarm?

24 Jun Get your stats on! Does your resume activate the Bullsh*t alarm?

We live in a world of fast, instant access to information. We are becoming very good at accessing the right information in minimum time. We have our bullsh*t detectors on and we no longer believe everything we read, see, hear.
So what does this mean for you, your career and how you ‘sell yourself’ into a new opportunity. You need to do it powerfully, effectively and succinctly. Ultimately,  you need to ensure that the person you are selling yourself to, doesnt activate their bulsh*t detector alarm!
How do you do this?…
Facts speak louder than words.
As a professional resume writer, I see many, or most, resumes are full of high lofty statements, words on top of words, without facts, figures, statistics and % signs to back up their claims. You need the right balance of both.
For example, in your achievements, instead of saying a lofty statement like this:
Significantly developed the sales in my territory with the implementation of innovative strategies” ….Recruiters “bullsh*t detector” alarm goes off ….
Instead, try a quantitative statement like this:
I developed a social media marketing strategy to target *x* market, and increased sales in QLD by 36% within 6 months”. 
You have their attention, and the bullsh*t detector alarm is safely quiet.
The more facts and figures that you can gather and slot into your resume, the more you will avert the alarm bells, and the ‘no’ pile. In this day and age, people want to know the real stuff, not what you were ‘ responsible for’, but what did –  how much, how fast etc , and if they have to read through 3 pages of a resume without getting that information, they will click out of your resume faster than you click out of a spam site….
So to ensure that you are armed with all the information you need on your job search, it is vital that you keep a record of your personal, and team, achievements at work. If you are lacking personal achievements at work, consider the teams achievement and then say something like “Integral part of a successful team that increased sales in QLD by 50%… etc etc” Better than not having facts at all. The most important thing is to document the success statistics as you go, while your in your current job, not after you leave, as that can be hard to chase down the figures etc. And you forget them.
When you do something awesome, take note and add it to your resume. Your resume should be an active document which you are always adding to. It will save you time and money in the future.
If you need help with your resume, I am totally awesome at them! is that a lofty statement? Probably, so let me back it up with some testimonials and facts:
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Testimonial from 2 days ago – “I feel sorry for the people who read it, as it will blow their faces off, its that good!” lol. – Jason, Boilermaker – Jason has received two invitations for interviews last week, after not receiving any call backs in the last 12 months with his last resume. (Jan 2014)
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I love love LOVE doing my resYOUme’s and take pride in every single one. I will make you proud to be YOU!
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To your success,
Seona Craig
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