Hello. It’s me…..(your ‘True Calling’)….

04 May Hello. It’s me…..(your ‘True Calling’)….

Hello. It’s me…..


I was wondering if after all these years you would like to meet….? To go over…everything?


They say hard work pays off. But I want to know if that is true for you?


Are you living the career and life you want?


Are you in California dreaming about the career you wished you had?


Have you forgotten what it felt like to believe the world was at your feet?


Are there a million miles between the current you….and the you, you thought you would be?


Hello…. Can you hear me?


I want to take you back to a place in time where you believed in yourself. You felt like you could achieve anything. Do you still feel that? Do you remember what it felt like to dream big? To know you were here for a purpose?


Let’s go back over everything…


When did you start to give your power away? When did you decide that your career was headed in this direction? Did you decide to be where you are? How did you get here?


Are you where you are meant to be? That’s what I want to know.


When you were young…and when you left school….what did you dream of?


Do your dreams call to you in the silent moments? Do they niggle at you like a hungry child waiting to be fed? Do your dreams keep you awake at night?


What are you doing about your dream? Do you know what it is?


Have you tried to make it happen? Did you fail…did you succeed? Or did you decide that it was just a ‘dream’…it was ‘silly’ and that you will never do anything about?


I want to help you to pay attention to it….and to feed it!


I want you to live the life that you were born to live.


You have that dream because you have a calling.


It ‘must have called a thousand times’. Are you listening?


A dream without an action plan….will remain a dream.


I help people to achieve their career goals and make their dreams happen.


My dream is to help thousands more. I will do it. I have a plan, a dream, a calling.


Helping YOU is my plan. Just reading this post should help bring your thoughts to a conscious place….and to go within….just for a moment….and ask yourself….


What is my dream?


If I can get you to think about that for 2 minutes, I am happy. Because once you feed that dream…with conscious thought. It will keep popping up. Because it needs to be fed.


I want to feed your dreams. It doesn’t matter where you are now….we can build a bridge to jump the gap.


You can achieve your dreams. They are not dreams. They are your purpose. You are here for a reason.


In my experience, people make their dreams seem hard. In their heads. In their minds. They find reasons of why ‘they can’t’. I help people to find the ways they can! Without all the sacrifices they think they have to make.


Here is the truth…….


“Whether you think you can, or think you cant – you are right” (Henry Ford).


Believe in yourself. You need to do the work to bring the dream to life.


You need to accept your current reality, you need to embrace and own your past….and you need to move forwards.


Whatever it takes. Invest time and money into making your dreams your reality. What can you do today to take you one step closer to your goals?


Start with writing them down.


Then think, write, journal on these two questions…..


What will you miss out on, regret or lose if you DON’t take action? What will it cost you to not take action?
What will you gain, become, feel and enjoy if you DO take action? What will it cost you to take action?


Look at your end goal as your “future possible self”….imagine and visualise how you will feel, what you will be doing and how many people will benefit. Align and associate feelings and emotions with both “future self” scenarios – 1. The YOU who took action and 2. the YOU who didn’t….Which version of YOU do you want to be?


That should motivate you to take action!


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What have you got to lose? Check out the truckload of awesomeness you get here  now.



To your dreams and your unlimited success,


Goodbye. Its me…..

Seona Craig

CEO / Founder of YOU Unlimited

Leader of the CareerPreneur revolution.