Identifying your dream job…and then getting it

24 Jun Identifying your dream job…and then getting it

Are you happy in your job?

Are you doing what you love?

Are you being the best you can be?

Are you in a job or living your dream?


Identifying your dream job is not an easy task….I ask my clients “if time and money were not as issue, but you still had to work for money, what would you do?”….this gives me insight into how out of alignment they are with what they do and what they know they should be doing….I saw this info graphic and thought I would share, as it sums up identifying your dream job perfectly. Your own values also come into it, as they need to be in alignment with who you work for and what you do. Identify your goals and map out a plan.


Some tips to do this include:
  1. Write a list of everything you love doing (even the stuff you’re not awesome at yet)
  2. Write a list of everything you are awesome at doing (your key skills)
  3. Cross reference the lists – looking at the things you love doing and are good at
  4. Now look at market viability – what jobs could you do to use these skills? what are your options for
  5. Consider your own values (write them down)….which of those options aligns with your values and passions?
  6. Now how do you get a job in that space….thats when you need a career elevation plan…..


Contact me to get one (and some tools for doing this exercise). We will do all this and more to identify your opportunities and your strategies for getting there. Short and long term goals to achieve your dream job.


To your success! The only way is up. Elevate.
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