Meet the Robots reading your resumes

24 Jun Meet the Robots reading your resumes

The recruitment landscape has changed, technology is advancing and many people are not even aware of the massive changes taking place in the space commonly referred to as HR – meaning HUMAN resources…now robots are replacing humans in an automated recruitment world….
These systems called ATS (Applicant Tracker Systems, like Taleo etc). Most large and medium sized organisations use them (especially in the mining industry) – to shortlist the huge amount of applications they receive. The “scan” resumes for key words…and then present a shortlist for the “human” to read.
To beat the robots you need to think like a robot….data and information is key. They are looking for ‘snap’ applications. When resume content matches job requirements. It takes some practice to get it right, but you can. The more you know about how it works, the more prepared you are to jump the hurdles in digital recruitment.

Some hints to beat the robots include:

When going through the company online application systems (ie.when you get transferred to a separate site outside of seek etc):
  • DO NOT Upload PDF’s of your resume to these company online application systems. Most ATS cannot “read” PDF’s. Upload a word document, unless you are sending direct to a contacts email address (outside the ATS). Pay attention to the file types the site says you can upload…Word is always safest when in doubt.
  • Avoid using pictures, graphs, images, text boxes, headers and footers for key information….as these formats confuse the robots and your application becomes scrambled and key words may be missed. You can use columns and other formatting tricks to order and present your information nicely.
  • Include key words from the job ad – yes, this means changing your resume for each role. But it is time well spent….if the key words they want, are not there….you will not pass the robot hurdle. You can say on your resume ‘keen to transition my skills and experience into the Oil and Gas Industry’ – even though you don’t have oil and gas experience, this simple phrase just may pass the ‘oil and gas’ requirement and get your resume viewed at least.
  • Avoid using standard Microsoft Office Resume templates – they look pretty good but are mostly formatted in overly complex tables, headers  and footers and are not optimised for this new technology…..they look organised….but they fail the robot test….so don’t use them is my opinion.
Once you pass the robot hurdle, a shortlist will be presented to a human to view….so then the standard resume rules apply – you need to leap off that page in a “you cant ignore me now” kind of way.
LinkedIN profiles also need to be optimised to beat the algorithims used…ie key words….if you are a Sales Manager – dont list your title as “Smashing sales budgets out of the ball park” or something clever….you just wont come up in prospective employers searching for a “Sales Manager” etc. For me, I call my resumes, resYOUme’s, but had to change this back to “resume writer” for SEO purposes.
Also, you need to ensure that you have a clean or hidden online social media brand – not visible drunk party shots….your online “image and brand” needs to be polished….removed the damaging material. Many recruiters will google you….
Google yourself and see what is doing you a disservice…and then do your best to remove it or change your privacy settings.
There are many more ways that technology is changing recruitment….keep watching this space for more tips and hints on modernising your approach.
Technology is removing the H from HR, so be robot ready…..
I am here to help you optimise your resume and online profiles for the systems and the Humans…
To your success,
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