New Year, New Career. Go Bigger!

24 Jun New Year, New Career. Go Bigger!

How?….Drop the bullshit excuses.
(Note – I am going to get real….research shows, the most authentic people swear…if you’re a pompous, polished, delusional, stiff, twat…don’t read on, you wouldn’t get it anyway – stay in your bubble).
and RULES…. what you should say, what you shouldn’t….bla bla..!!! I am gonna break some rules….I am that kind of girl. Nice girls swear a little too. I am nice, I love everyone, I am happy and I just keep it real!! I think esome of you know it, some of you don’t…and some of you just need a good old kick in the arse and a hard hitting reality check. Bend over, my boot is ready!
Do you LOVE your job? If you do…. awesome. Are you reaching your potential? Awesome. Are you capable of more? Hell yes!
It’s time to step up, get real and ask yourself some questions….some of you may not need this reality check….but a LOT of you do. I see you, I see it in my clients all the time. Stop telling yourself your happy and your job is good because its “secure”…and at least you have a job right? No. You can have what you decide you want. What you deserve and what is aligned with what you should be doing. You create your life. No excuses. ITS ALL UP TO YOU!
Want something to change? CHANGE IT!
I am sick of excuses….I am sick of yours….and I am sick of mine. I am stopping the bullshit. Are you with me? Good.
Don’t think small. Think big. Think bigger.. How are you going to get there? You need a plan. You need a goal first….then you need a plan. You need to take action. You create. You choose. You decide. If you don’t, who does?
Are you in your job/career because you consciously decided to be…or did some one else chose it for you? Are YOU in control of your career, or is IT in charge of YOU? Your wife? husband? boss? parents?….. Did you let them?
Take back some control. Get some balls and aim bigger. Small thinkers, doubters and meek people end up resenting….resenting themselves, their employer, their circumstances and whoever else makes them feel better. Don’t be one of those people… STEP UP!!
Are you where you are, because you invested time and money to get there…and to change anything would be to lose that investment? No, that’s bull. Its a stepping stone. Nothing is ever lost. You can start over, change direction, quit, re train, start a business, or just change your mind and align it with your heart. The more you stay in a job because your head tells you too….the more your heart loses. So who’s going to win? The heart or the head? If your closed minded…I put my money on your head winning….if your open minded and listen to your heart….YOU will win.
Does your job feel like hard work? Do you love what you do? Or do you do it “for the money”? There is money everywhere and there are changes you can make to what you think you need or deserve (more or less money..whatever..) Don’t make it all about the money.
Find passion and purpose in what you do. You may just need to re frame your thoughts and beliefs about the bigger picture of your value. Or you may need to completely change… change. You think I don’t understand about change? I DO! Believe me, I went to hell and back to change my career and start my business and now I am so freaking happy and passionate that I am swearing about it and making a lot of moolah and working with celebrities and awesome people, helping them all to get real and be awesome. 🙂
I took a massive leap of faith….it paid off. It took guts, a whole lot of faith and a fight or two on the way. But I believed in me, and I believed in my vision. And I did it.
This is the year for it. Do it. You don’t have to quit your job….you just need to plan your next move….you may need to wait for the right opportunity…..but LOOK for it….shit is NOT going to land in your lap. You have to chase it down. You have to identify what you want.
What would you do if time and money were not an issue? What is your dream job? What are you doing to get that job? Nothing? Why? Are you scared? Are you afraid of change? Do you think your not good enough? That’s all bullshit.
Chase your dreams down. Stop making excuses. You can change your job, your career and your happiness. You gotta believe its possible first.
“Whether you think you can, or think you cant…..your right” – Henry Ford.
Start believing in you. You need a fire in your belly, not a fire under you arse to get there.
The most important key to success and navigating change is……Be careful what you say to yourself, because YOU are listening!!! ..its not luck….its not who you know….its YOU, its what you believe is possible. You can know who you want to know….you can connect with people who can get you to where you need to be. ITS ALL YOU!!!
I believe in you….do you? Take the steering wheel, take control and don’t look back….your not going that way!
Lets rock our awesomeness in 2015…its going to be huge….I am aiming to triple my business….and I have big plans….I will do it!!! You know why? Because I believe I can.
Do something scary this year! Feel the fear and do it anyway. I am here to help you if you need some help in jumping. I will slap the wings on your back.
Be you! Your awesome at it. 🙂
To your success.
Seona Craig
Career Elevator / Personal Brand Awesomiser….and real woman with a real mission and no filter.
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