Time to bring back “old school” ways to get noticed in a digital recruitment world

24 Jun Time to bring back “old school” ways to get noticed in a digital recruitment world

Its a digital, complex, fast world we now live in. Information is at our fingertips, algorithm’s run everything and screens are in our face constantly. There’s a whole lot of “E” (e-commerce, e-marketing, e-mails…) and the trade off has been less of YOU.
I have previously written about the digital recruitment world we now live in. (‘SEO for resumes). The low down is…. “robots” are now replacing the humans in determining whether your resume / online application is shortlisted for positions based on key word searches and a whole lot of technical ‘streamlining’ of recruitment processes. (view the bloghere if you missed it)…
Anyway….I have been thinking…. because, well, I like to challenge the rules and think outside the box….I don’t like boxes. They aren’t human shaped.
So here’s a thought……
You want to stand out right? You want to be noticed? I mean, that’s kind of the whole point of marketing yourself and applying for a job….so how do you do it in a professional way, without sounding like an attention grabbing, awkward “try hard”?
I think its time to start kicking it ‘old school’ a little….Remember the days?…Snail mail instead of e-mail? Conversation instead of sms?….humans instead of machines…
So… next time you apply for a job…sure, do the whole “e” thing and apply online and tick that box….but then…get crazy and…. PRINT your resume in colour (and if it doesn’t have colour, wake up, slap yourself, then add some colour), and then HAND WRITE (yes, freaky I know, but its like riding a bike…it will come back to you…) a little ‘post it’ note or “with compliments” slip (remember those) and personalise it….”Hi NAME, I have applied for the position of “x” online, on (date). I wanted to ensure you landed your eyes on all I have to offer (without chance of slipping through technology’s cracks). Speak to you soon, YOUR NAME..” or whatever you want….but add some personality and be yourself. You can get as creative as you want and are comfortable with it….If it was me, I would probably print the job ad out, write my name repeatedly all over it…and attach my resume and my hand written note, which said “Hi, This job has my name all over it, and I didn’t want to chance it with technology alone, so I handed this to a snail with strict instructions to deliver it to you personally. 🙂 Chat soon….Seona – or something like that. But it has to be and sound like YOU, not me. So be yourself.
You will need to do some research to find out who to address the resume to – CALL HR and ask for the persons name looking after the recruitment of the role….while your there ask if you can speak to them too…..that’s gold right there. Your already miles ahead of other applicants….if you get them on the phone – keep it brief, introduce yourself…deliver your BRIEF elevator/branding pitch….(what you do/have done, why our good at it, what results you have had…and why you want to work for THEM). Keep on point. You can also ask what they are looking for in a candidate…and target your application better after your conversation. Tell them your name at the start and end of your conversation, thank them for their time and use manners and personality….when they come across your application )…it will resonate on a deeper more HUMAN level.
YAY! Target your applications and pitches at both the robots and the Humans.
This year in my business, I am going to be kicking it old school to stand out…. Like sending clients a card in the mail and sending out my B2B clients some marketing, pens, post its etc along with a handwritten note…. That’s much harder to delete than an email. And a lot harder to ignore and harder to forget. Its about balance. Its about being a box breaker. The e-marketing will still be a major part of my biz, but the old school stuff will work to complement it. Same principle with your job applications…
Break those boxes, shake up the rules…and embrace some of the old school ways to stand out. Technology can never fully replace the power of YOU.
To your success and awesomeness,
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