YOU are AWESOME….do they all know that?

17 Feb YOU are AWESOME….do they all know that?

Let’s talk about your awesomeness for a minute…

Because who doesn’t want to talk about that, right? 

Unless you are like most of my clients…..and you get all uncomfortable talking about it out loud……so let’s start by thinking about it…just you…and YOU.  And me..I will ask the questions…..and you respond in your head. You may not think about this enough. But you are seriously awesome. Say it. WHY??? If you have worked with me before, you will know that I like to know what makes you awesome… I can tell other people for you.  What are you good at?  What are you proud of?

Are you reaching your awesome potential?

Are you planning to? …..seriously?
Do you know what makes you YOUniquely awesome?

Does your boss know your awesome?

Does your partner know your awesome?

Does your mum know your awesome?

Do you kids know your awesome?

Does the employer / company you want to work for know your awesome?

Do your friends know your awesome?

Do YOU know your awesome?


If you answered NO to any of the above…..your awesomeness is not shining enough.





Start with this….. Get a piece of blank paper…..write at the top: “I am awesome because…..” Now, you know what I am going to ask you to do right?  You start writing!! Don’t think…..just fill in that page. Turn it over and keep going until you have exhausted every facet of your awesomeness…. And then remember ” You are awesomer”…..and keep going.  This is between you and YOU.  Start with what you are comfortable being awesome at….and then keep digging. Just let it all FLOW and aim to be trying to keep up with your hands (as they write / type).  Like this:  I am an awesome coach because I believe in my clients I am a great partner…. because I believe in his awesomeness I am a fabulous mother….because I make awesome humans and I make sure they know they are awesome I care about other people – a lot.  I believe everyone is awesome I can do whatever I put my mind to I am a great communicator I am positive People like being around me because, well, I make them feel awesome I make a positive difference to peoples lives.  I am a good listener….and a great talker I laugh a lot I am resilient I am a leader I have huge potential

I am highly intuitive

I can always see the bigger picture

I ask great questions I am open hearted and open minded I have millions of great ideas – usually many at once.  I am smart I am resilient. When I get knocked down, I get up again. 

I am loyal and protective of the people I love

I stand up for what is wrong and advocate for others when they are wronged I am always willing to learn about myself.  I love learning about other people I want to be better I want to be awesomer.


(I could go on, I do this a lot, and it is one of my better ‘habits’).

Ok…, how did you go?   When you write this list….one or two (or both) things will happen. 1. You will get in FLOW. You will start to let all the awesomeness pour out. Then you will begin to feel different….better, awesomer.You will get ‘stuck’ and start to think about the things that you are not so awesome at. Thats ok. (That’s the next part) Start with the awesome and then we can work on the stuff that you need to do to make you more awesome.



So the next step is to identify what you want to be awesomer at.

Make this list shorter… cant focus on too many things at once.

Write at the top…..

“I am becoming awesomer at…..”

Owning my awesomeness Releasing my fears and insecurities Being organised Being more disciplined with my health Staying in contact with people, and clients more Being more focused…and ninja like in my time management Balancing my time and energy on things that don’t matter



Ok, we know why you are awesome….(and what you will become awesome at)…

Now you need to decide..

Who needs to know about your awesomess…..?
At the start, I asked who knew you were awesome. So go back to that list. Does your boss need a reminder? Your partner? Your friends? Your clients?

For me, I want all of YOU reading to know…because you are my clients, my tribe and the reason I exist to be so awesome.  For you, it may be your work colleagues, your managers or the people you want to work with. Or it may be your family (I tell my family they are awesome and I am awesome a lot, so they are on board with the awesomeness)…

So, decide your awesomeness audience.

What parts of your awesomeness do they need to know about? How can you make sure they are seeing and acknowledging that awesomeness?  At work, you may need to speak up more in meetings…..tell people what you have achieved, or the ideas that you are having.  Having a performance review? Redo your “I am awesome because page” and focus it all on the work stuff. (they may not care that you are a great mum or dad or that you make a great lasagna.  The important thing is that you focus on who needs to know…..and what they need to know.

Awesomeness elevation plan

  1. Audience – Who needs to know
  2. 2. Messages – What do they need to know
  3. 3. Strategy – How will you tell them


When people know how awesome you really are, they will look to you when opportunities come up. This is personal branding 101. Your personal brand is essentially what people say about you, or think about you when you are not there.  So take ownership – without being all weird and arrogant about it.


Just drop in your awesomeness reminders in a natural, authentic way.


If you don’t toot your own horn, someone else will come along and toot theirs….and you will be left wondering….”How did they get that job? I am way more awesome than them…!”

But now you will know that they clearly articulated their awesomeness better than you to the right audience, in the right way and the right time.

Go YOU! Be awesome.


P.S I don’t care if awesomer isn’t a word. It should be. So should Awesomise.

PPS. Do you see what I did there? I just put you in touch with your awesomeness….and mine at the same time. I did what I am telling you to do. I decided you were my AUDIENCE and you needed to know these MESSAGES….and I also addressed my goals of what I needed to be awesomer at (staying in contact with my tribe) by another blog (STRATEGY).

PPS. Share this with someone who needs an awesome boost.