Your secret weapon to success

24 Jun Your secret weapon to success

Your doing a great job!! You should be proud…so give yourself a big pat on the back!! You have come a long way and accomplished many things. Look back and see how far you have comGood on YOU!

Now (after you’ve patted yourself on the back)…..give yourself a kick in the arse!

There’s more work to be done. You’re capable of more. You can be more, achieve more, live more, influence more, aim for more, believe in yourself more and rock this life your born to live.

Do you know that?…. Do you know your potential, your capability? Or have you put a ‘lid on it’? Have you decided that you’re doing enough? Making enough? Achieving enough? Making enough difference in the world already?

I don’t think so. You are unlimited, so stop those limiting thoughts about what you can achieve. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. It doesn’t matter what qualifications you have, where you went to school, who you know….none of that matters….because you have something special…a secret weapon to success…….

Your “VOICE”!! …..

Are you using it?  but are you using it too its potential?

Power comes from within you, your voice is the most powerful thing you have.

Whether its speaking up and communicating your awesome ideas in a team meeting, having a ‘confronting’ conversation with a partner, family member, friend, boss or co-worker, starting a blog, writing an email, making a YOUtube video, using social media to reach millions, joining a group, club…..or whatever the format….you need to use that voice to increase the success you experience in the world, your job, your life! Whatever your platform, you just need a message to convey….and then you need to convey it with conviction, passion and belief.

So….What does your voice want to say???? What’s your message? What’s your passion? What do you want to change? Improve? Influence? Contribute to? Raise awareness of? Share? Maybe you just want people to think of you as an expert in your field… start blogging and posting about it.

Don’t let your ‘head voice’ (ego) get in the way of your ‘heart voice’ (inner wisdom). Your heart voice is probably screaming at you, and your head voice is likely silencing it – Doubt. Insecurity. Feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough… silence THAT Voice, listen to the other one…..the smart one that says “Yes! You can do it!”

Step up and speak up. Be engaging, respectful, confident, knowledgeable and authentic….and your voice will carry weight.

Think of the people you know who are hugely successful, influential and inspiring? Why? Is it because they have a million qualifications?…. Or a powerful voice and millions of listeners?

a freaking loud voice and a whole lotta passion and conviction.  They use their voice to get the message out there.

Guess what? You have what they have. So start using it!  re heard and the more influence and success you will have.

but a VOICE. Because voices are powerful. They can raise you up, or knock you down. How you respond to others voices is equally as powerful.

So lil’ poppies, which voice are you going to listen to you? And what do you have to say?

Need help finding your voice and delivering your message? That’s what I do. So use your voice and ask for help… (deets below).

To your success,

Seona Craig – (With the mega voice and loud laugh).

Ps. ….does anyone else have John Farnhams “I’m the Voice” song stuck in their heads?…sorry if you didn’t before… 🙂

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Note: The term ‘voice’ is intended to be metaphorical, and does not limit or exclude deaf and /or mute people – the ‘voice’ is within us all, its communication in all its forms, sign language, writing, drawing or whatever.