Change of Direction

24 Jun Change of Direction

Well 2014 is here!!! The word coming through strongly for me is CLARITY!! I have certainly found myself changing direction quickly as clarity about my purpose and my path has seen me re thinking, re planning and re designing my business. I have been life coaching for the last couple of years, as well as doing my career coaching (that was my background and what I have always done and been good at). I was driven to do life coaching to help people on a deeper level. But I have to say that Life Coaching is not for the faint hearted, and I feel that it has been very demanding on me at times, as I would unknowingly take on the problems, energy and issues of my clients – they would walk away feeling great, but I was not feeling so good about it all. It was a path I stuck at though, and was losing passion for because of the energy I was expending and the money I was receiving was barely worth the energy exchange.
Funnily enough, I saw more and more clients coming to me for my career coaching services, from resumes to interview coaching, this is the way my business was evolving. I received 11 new career coaching/resYOUme clients in the 2 weeks before christmas!! Thank you universe, I hear you! I really enjoyed the change of pace and the tangible results I was getting for my clients made the energy exchange so much more valuable. Therefore, I have decided to change paths this year. I have re aligned myself as a Career Elevation Consultant and am enjoying greater success than ever before, as more and more referrals come in.
Sometimes the universe has plans for us and we are powerless to stop it. I am empowered more than ever because I am aligned on my true path and using the skills I always had. Sometimes the glossiness of a career can make us stop and change direction, but the shine and sparkle of a new path can be a costly mistake. I believe that the smartest people are the ones who have made the most mistakes and learnt from all of them, and I have certainly learnt some valuable lessons in 2013. So, as I reset my direction, pay attention to the signs and the guidance I am receiving, I find that I am on track to experiencing huge success in 2014!! I say bring it on. I am ready, I am able and I am worthy!!
May you all find your true path!
To your success,
Seona Craig 🙂