Is it time to make the next move in your career?

Career Coaching and strategy with Seona Craig from YOU Unlimited, Brisbane.

26 Mar Is it time to make the next move in your career?

When is it time to move on in your career?




When the moon, mercury and Neptune make a perfect isosceles triangle?

The question of ‘when is it time to move on?’ that everyone needs to answer and plan for.
For a lot of people deciding when to move on in their careers is not easy. Decisions, decisions. Risks, dangers, rewards, fears, opportunity….choices! There are some big psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and monetary blocks and barriers that stop people from listening to themselves and instigating change. But I guarantee that you think about it. Maybe every second of every day at work, maybe sometimes, or only randomly. But….you think about it….and sometimes you think about how good it would be to tell everyone what you really think. IMAGINE!

But don’t do that. Don’t get to boiling point…..don’t leave leaving until you HAVE to. Don’t back yourself into a corner. Just think about these questions below first…Just for today….I want you to think about where you are….why you are there….what you are achieving…..what may be stopping you….and why you should never be stopped! Not even by yourself.
What would YOU do if you didn’t stop yourself?
What if you owned your career and steered it in the directions you wanted to go!?

10 red flags that are warning you to move on from your curent position

  1. You think about it constantly
  2. You feel unmotivated and uninspired
  3. You think the environment is toxic and can feel the negative energy sucking the life out of you
  4. Your boss drives you to breaking point and you are doing everything possible to bite your tongue…before you slap them! Get out before you do!
  5. You know your procrastinating and it is time to move on (but you aren’t doing anything about it!)
  6. You feel like your on ‘a sinking ship’ and that things are going to get worse before they get better.
  7. There are too many internal politics, gossip and dramas and everyone is out for themselves. Its not a ‘team’ environment. You know its poisonous for your mental health to stay.
  8. You only think of it as a job and a way to pay the bills – you do the minimum to get by.
  9. You don’t know how you contribute to the bigger picture and don’t really care about the company you work for.
  10. Your husband / wife / partner / kids depend on you and you couldn’t possibly rock the boat. You ARE their ROCK. (Note, rocks don’t do anything!)

If you feel any of these things it probably time to move on before you hurt your career and your health.

10 Common reasons that stops people from moving on from their current roles – even when they have identified the ‘red flags’.

Security is definitely the most common reason and it comes in all forms. You know you SHOULD move on, but you DON’T do anything about it, because hey, it’s safe where you are. You know the people. You know what to do and what is expected of you. Things will change. You promise yourself you will do something about it soon….
Some of the most common reasons people stay where they are:

  1. They are fearful and / or resistant of change
  2. They don’t believe they deserve any better
  3. They underestimate themselves and their potential
  4. They are overly loyal (at the expense of themselves!)
  5. They think they should be next up for a promotion (if only ‘x’ doesn’t come back from maternity leave, and ‘y’ gets that job he went for…)…the maybe it will be your ‘turn’.
  6. They need to finish what they started (and this reason CAN be justified for some people/professions)
  7. People are depending on them to do what they are doing (Parents, partners etc) and they don’t WANT TO LET PEOPLE DOWN. (But are you letting yourself down?)
  8. They think they are lucky to have a job / this job whatever. And maybe you are. I don’t know what you do or who you are. Only you do. Be honest with yourself.
  9. They think their boss will be vindictive if they leave and give them a bad reference (so find other referees).
  10. There’s a rumour that there are redundancies coming – and your holding out for one. (at what cost to your career?).

Are you where you are because you planned it that way? Or did you get there because you just got swept along on the tide of whatever happened? Take control and drink some concrete.

Here’s the thing…..Job security is an elusive myth! There is no such thing. Every job is temporary. The labour market has changed by 2020, 40% of the labour market is expected to be contracting and temporary. This is only 4 years away. You need to get ready and get over your excuses and start thinking of yourself as a CareerPreneur – a professional who is in control.

What can you do to move past the barriers and beliefs that are holding you back??

Is it time to move on? Here’s 10 things you can do to help you get ready for your next career move:

  1. Believe in yourself. Really, truly, madly deeply. Back yourself. Do it
  2. Imagine how your life would change if you made positive changes and were successful. Do it.
  3. TRUST!!!!! Take a leap of faith and know it will be ok. Do it.
  4. Market yourself – Invest in having your resume and LinkedIn profile professionally done and boost your confidence with your new brand. Do it.
  5. Look at things from someone else’s perspective….if you were your friend…what advice would you give to yourself? Do it.
  6. Look at where you are…..really look. Is this where you planned to be spending this part of your life? Do you have other goals? Do it.
  7. Could you make changes that take you closer to your goals today? Do it.
  8. Put yourself out there more….. Look on job boards and get a feel for what is out there and what you could do. Think about how making a change will change your life.
  9. Apply for jobs, tell friends your looking or ask for a promotion or raise where you are. Do it!
  10. Get out of your own way and stop telling yourself excuses about why you cant DO IT!

If you don’t take action in the presence of the red flags, what is the cost? What will you miss out on? Will you live with regret? What if you could see two paths ahead of you….one was safe, straight and dull and went on forever without a change of scenery until retirement…..and one went off like a rollercoaster ride into the distance, travelling through majestic landscapes and landing you amongst clouds that you could zoom about on (monkey Magic style)…lol.

What path do you choose?

I choose the rollercoaster!! Do you?

Do it already. Put yourself out there and Launch Yourself! See what happens. Just like I am doing with my new 8 week CareerPreneurs – Launch Yourself program. This is exciting for me. It’s the culmination of an epic journey and an inner battle – trying to find my calling and my purpose. Years spent trying to find my voice, trying to step up and step out (only to retreat back in again when it got scary).

I know what I am talking about. Change is friggin hard. But it is worth it! Through my own personal branding business (YOU Unlimited), I have helped hundreds of people step up and step out. The CareerPreneur program is the revolution that is needed!

The rules have changed. The labour market is different.

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Its time to launch baby!

To your UNLIMITED success,

Seona Craig
Founder of YOU Unlimited and Leader of the CAREERpreneur revolution.
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